Money Coaching

Money Coaching

Get Coached on being awesome at saving while enjoying a great lifestyle

  • Plan great holidays without borrowing
  • Spend guilt free
  • Know how your spending compares with your peers
  • Be Confident about Eliminating debts
  • Stop worrying about money
  • Get ahead instead of treading water

Benefits of Money Coaching

The money coaching program is designed to help you make wise financial decisions. The method used is intended to empower you and help you live fully with financial security. The Five 2 Money Diet is an easy-to-implement lifestyle where it basically starts with having separate transaction accounts for your savings and your bills.

Rather than focusing on the math of money management, we focus on the psychology behind it. We want people to be confident with their money and help them grow it.

Our money coaching program will teach you how to save up for a property whilst still being able to enjoy a vacation with your family. It will help you stick to your goals and budget.

You will learn about property planning, mortgages, risk planning and how to protect your money. We will help you develop the necessary skills in financial decision making.

Why Golden Eggs Home Loans for Money Coaching

We, at Golden Eggs Home Loans, have been in the industry for quite some time now. The founder Max Phelps is an Amazon best-seller author for his book “Get Your Money $hit Together”. An expert in money psychology, he aims to teach every client about long-term property investment.

Our advisors are highly trained with proper credentials and certifications. Everyone in the team is a credit representative of a credit licensee and a member of the Finance Brokers Association Australia.

If you are looking to improve your wealth and money management, work with us! We’ll journey with you as you take your path towards financial freedom.

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