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First Home Buyers

Build confidence in the scary word of buying your first property.  Learn about LMI, offsets, redraw, fixed, variable, P&I or IO, FHLDS, FHOG, stamp duty concessions, borrowing capacity.


Keep or sell your first home? Make a better plan for a growing family’s changing needs. Understand the options to expand and renovate to stay. How to buy before selling. How much should you borrow vs how much can you borrow.

First Time Investors

Calculate costs and benefits of investment property. Understand the benefits of interest only lending, lines of credit, extracting equity and how to plan a future with more property.

Experienced Investors

Structure for growth and flexibility.  Manage and mitigate risks. Weigh up benefits of trusts. Complex investment property loan structuring. How to keep buying when the big 4 say “no”.  Residential vs Commercial, small lot development and larger subdivisions.

About Golden Eggs Home Loans

We are a team of helpful,  genuine, fun and curious finance brokers, with the goal of helping you with your property investments and expansion of your portfolios. We want to help you retire young and be able to enjoy your hard-earned money.

We aim to help you in your journey towards a better future through money coaching, income protection, property planning, mortgage advice and risk management.

Why Choose Golden Eggs Home Loans

Before we look at borrowing capacity, interest rates, lender options, offset accounts, fixed vs variable, or P&I vs Interest Only, we take the time to be curious about your plans.

Using our unique web application, we make the process fun to understand short, medium and long term goals, for family, home, investments, careers, holidays, celebrations and other big things .

Once we know where you want to go, we genuinely want to know how best to help you get there.

Our brokers are relentlessly curious, which means we continue to improve our skills and knowledge through training and professional development. The more we know, the more we can share with you, to add even more value.

Start your fun journey to accumulating wealth with us. We can help you become more confident in every financial decision you’ll make.

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