Mortage Wars

5 August 2014: True to form, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced today that rates would be kept on hold again. The RBA have judged that rates are at an appropriate level to support growth in the economy and still expect “a period of stability in interest rates”. They do note that “long-term interest rates… remain very low”.

You may have recently seen reports in the news of ‘mortgage wars’, with many of the banks dropping their fixed rates. This caught the media’s attention when the ‘big 4’ got to below 5% for longer term fixed rates, but as many of our clients know from their own loans, a number of non-major banks already had rates below this and remain very good value.

We periodically review loans of existing clients of Golden Eggs Home Loans and make contact if there is scope for further savings. For those of you that we haven’t yet assisted, we would love an opportunity to chat to you. There is a lot of competition between banks at the moment so there’s never been a better time. Contact us today.

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